Reducing our Carbon Footprint

While we are currently working remotely, getting back to the office is not too far off. With sustainability top of mind, we turned a critical eye on our office and operations with the aim of becoming more eco-conscious and reducing our corporate carbon footprint.

We went through a carbon-neutral checklist and were happy to be able to tick off quite a few of the suggested practices on the list and are looking at ways to implement others.

Initiatives we have had in place for several years include:

Switch to LED Lighting | Switch Off Appliances at the End of the Day | Enable Power Save Mode | Unplug Phone Chargers  | Recycle Waste | Recycle Old Computers | Put a Microwave in the Staff Canteen | Go Paperless | Replace bottled water with tap water

We love the following ideas and are looking at ways to incorporate & implement them:

Use Recycled Products Again   Already practiced as far as possible
Get Gardening                       We are lucky enough to have an area for this!
Cycle to Work                        Sadly this is not an option, but our team members walk or drive less than 15 minutes to the office.
Use Ceiling Fans Rather than Air Conditioning.  A great alternative for the long, hot Greek summers

Our eco-initiatives extend to our vendors. Our goal is to support those already using sustainable practices and to work with them to promote green solutions in our events.

We are committed to implementing as many green initiatives into our business as possible and to ensure sustainability remains part of our corporate culture.
Metropolitan DMC, working towards a greener future.

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