Sustainable Events – Change your mindset, change the world

Climate change cannot be denied. It is already affecting health, livelihoods, food security, water supply, human security, and economic growth around the world.

The event industry is being affected in a variety of ways. From hotter temperatures disruptingting the scheduling of outdoor events to more frequent severe weather increasing potential for cancellations & evacuations. Shifting attitudes among delegates about flying are changing meeting styles & locations, while guests experience guilt and even anger about wasting food, water, electricity, and not recycling.

Why is sustainability important to the event industry?

Simply put, sustainability means to have the smallest negative impact on the environment, community, society or economy .

As event organizers there are many ways in which we can make a difference; some may seem small but every little action counts towards creating a tipping point of change. Start by taking a sustainability check of your office and then move on to the programs you plan.

  • Support the local economy by choosing local artisans and hotels and restaurants that use locally sourced ingredients, so ensuring authentic and better cultural experiences for the delegates.
  • Include human-powered activities like tours on foot, walking, cycling, kayaking & trekking. These are great ways to slow down & truly experience a destination whether in the city centre or the great outdoors.
  • Incorporate fun CSR activities to inspire delegates and benefit the local community. Delegates will make a difference in someone else’s life and create a sense of fulfilment and purpose in themselves.

Why should you care?

Apart from making a difference to your community, sustainability helps keep your company relevant and competitive, and avoids the risk of becoming outdated, uncaring, or unethical.

It does not take much: with just a change in mindset, all of us, either as companies or as individuals can make some small changes. Together we can make a change for good.

Let Metropolitan DMC help you design a sustainable and eco-friendly program for your next incentive in Greece.


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