Rewarding Experiences | Part 2

Our mission? To curate events that are not only engaging and purposeful, but also leave you positively inspired and energized. And you know what fills our hearts with pure joy? When we see our clients and their staff brimming with enthusiasm as they participate in the activities – bringing the mood boards to life!

Now, let’s set the scene. Our client presented us with a challenge: a CSR activity involving a whopping 100 participants, all working together in a single space, using manual labour to create a lasting legacy benefiting locals, ideally children (cue suspenseful music!).

Finding the perfect venue for a group of this size was no walk in the park, not to mention the tight deadline of three and a half weeks to make it all happen! But fear not, we were more than up for the challenge. We joined forces with the Sikiarideion Foundation, an institution dedicated to young adults with autism.

But wait, it’s time for a visual journey! Feast your eyes on the “before” and “after” snapshots. The foundation’s garden was longing for some tender love and care, a dollop of good old elbow grease, and, of course, an army of dedicated volunteers. And who better to embark on this noble mission than our spirited squad of 100 eager participants?

We divided them into groups, each led by an equally passionate team leader, and the clock started ticking!  We’ll let the awe-inspiring photos do the talking. Prepare to be amazed!

The garden before…




…and after!!









Awards Dinner

Our dedicated volunteers were then treated to an impeccably organized Gala dinner to celebrate their achievements and were honored with prestigious awards bestowed by their company.

The CEO delivered an emotional thank you to the winners and their supportive significant others, closing with this inspiring quote:


“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution.
It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.
Choice – not chance – determines your destiny.”       Aristotle




Farewell Party

On the final evening, we took over one of the oldest tavernas in Plaka, to create a Greek village party, complete with stilt walker & strolling musician welcome, scrumptious Greek food including mouthwatering gyros, Greek dancing, and flower throwing!

Oh, what a night!

We thoroughly enjoyed planning this aspirational incentive program and bringing it to life to the delight of these amazing winners and their families!