Luxury Travel Trends for 2019 – staying ahead of the curve!


Luxury Travel Trends for 2019 – staying ahead of the curve!

As DMCs we pride ourselves on staying ahead of travel trends to maintain interest & momentum.

According to research from Virtuoso, a global luxury travel network of advisors and travel agencies in 50 countries, travel trends for 2018 continue into 2019 and are being further refined.

Travel in 2019 will be highly personalised and inspired by unusual experiences.

Ultra-personalisation and ‘bucket-list’ experiences will be key in the luxury travel segment of the events industry next year.

Curated experiences: clients are increasingly looking for a deeper level of personalisation and one-of-a-kind experiences. Almost two thirds of travellers value experiences higher than material possessions. Delegates are becoming are more vocal about precise preferences.

Personal enrichment is high on the list of the conscious traveller, with everything from human rights and equality to improved working conditions and environment issues influencing people’s decisions about potential travel destinations. Conservation, sustainable and eco-friendly are key words.

For destination choice, pristineunfrequented and unique are the buzz words.

Greece is uniquely placed to meet several of these trends. Although a developed first-world country, it is still very close to its roots & history with the majority of Greeks adhering to regional & ethnic traditions. Unusual experiences are possible even in the busiest islands, while bigger islands like Crete are able to deliver local and authentic experiences within a short distance from the main centres.

How about making cheese from fresh goats’ milk with the shepherds, or cooking Greek delicacies in an olive grove with the local ladies?

A VIP welcome service at a regional airport allows guests to be whisked directly from the aircraft steps to their waiting vehicles or enjoy a private after-hours visit to archaeological sites.

A stone-walled monastery refectory is the surprise meeting venue, a wood-burning bakery introduces delegates to the secrets of the perfect cheese pie, and a secret garden in the heart of Athens thrills guests with a bespoke urban picnic.

A photo walking tour in Mykonos town, producing Instagram-worthy shots at iconic landmarks of this stunning location.

Greece excels at the luxury of simplicity – the ultimate sophistication.




13th December 2018