Incentive & Meeting Planners Dilemma

Incentive & Meeting Planners Dilemma

As a meeting planner or incentive buyer, the demands on your time are enormous.

Often, you do not have the luxury of time to research everything from scratch.

The incentive & meetings industry has evolved exponentially over the past twenty years. Needs and demands of clients have grown more complex and sophisticated. What do you do when you need another you? In fact, not just one you, but a whole team?!

Where do you find the ultimate outsource partner for your needs? One who not only knows his destination inside out, but has the same values, ideas and ethics as you.

The best resource is ADME, the educational organization aimed at raising the level of professionalism in the industry. Their membership criteria insure reliability of the members.

A good DMC is a logistics and event expert in their destination with the contacts and relationships of a local to make everything happen.  The time and effort saved can make it extremely cost-effective to partner with a DMC, no matter where you are.

They will have the most current information on sports events, cultural activities, festivals, and local knowledge to help you be the best you can be for every meeting and event you manage.

They will become an extension of your own company allowing you to concentrate on the organization-related details that only you can handle.

Metropolitan DMC is a proud member of ADMEI.

1st April 2019