Did you know that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Volunteering positively impact your Mental Health?

CSR, Volunteering… Words that we hear daily, but rarely take the time to digest and embrace their significance. Did you know that Volunteering has a profound impact on mental health and can help the volunteer while also uplifting the lives of those served?

Studies consistently highlight the mental health benefits of volunteering. Research reveals reduced stress, increased happiness, and a greater sense of purpose among volunteers.

This positive impact on well-being and “win-win” result reinforces the significance of giving back.

This year at Metropolitan DMC, we embarked on a mission to curate meaningful CSR activities with a lasting impact on both participants and beneficiaries. Our challenge was to brainstorm and develop projects that would not only benefit our dedicated volunteers but also make a substantial difference in the lives of those we serve. Among our endeavors, one project that stood out was the Soup Kitchen CSR initiative.

It’s all in the detail…

“Details are tiny things with a BIG impact! Small details may take time to prepare but are what differentiate
a mere event from a remarkable experience.” Nikki, in-house Luxury Events Specialist

Our volunteers were given an envelope containing a shopping list that included some Greek words (for those who wanted to give it a try!), a few words about the soup kitchen they were shopping for, and 20 euros to spend at the market.

Incorporating support for the vulnerable in our local community
while providing a local Greek experience


We created an activity where delegates experienced the hustle and bustle of an Athenian neighborhood farmers’ market. By using their newly acquired Greek language skills, they procured a selection of fresh produce. Guests were blown away by the enthusiastic reception they received from the stall holders, and we loved the emotional high and sense of achievement the activity generated in all who participated. At the end, delegates felt that this had been one of the best CSR activities they had ever participated in!

The goods were donated to a local soup kitchen, tasked with feeding over 200 people a day.
The soup kitchen team were overwhelmed by the generosity & humanity of this gesture.

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