Athens Revisited by Metropolitan DMC & Event Management


Athens is not ‘just a pile of old rocks’ – it is a city that really rocks!


It is a destination with unique dynamics and great potential for your conference, exhibition & incentive.

Athens 2015 is a city of surprises & contradictions. It is a shy beauty with a depth of character that draws one in, charms, delights and welcomes within a short time.

The beautiful monuments on the Acropolis and the outstanding New Acropolis Museum remain the top attractions in a city which has something for everyone in terms of culture.  At the same time, it is friendly & relaxed & retains a village feeling in the many corners where flamboyant bougainvillea, geranium & jacarandas colour the city & delight the senses.

Athens is a safe city of human proportions; no high rise buildings obscure the symbol of democracy, making Athens immensely attractive & easy to enjoy. The gritty exterior belies the reality of clean streets lined with Judas, orange, & mulberry trees offering shade in summer & a riot of colour in winter.

Metropolitan DMC & Events Management guarantees the success of your event through its team of highly experienced and motivated professionals who provide sophisticated bespoke solutions to your needs.  Our intimate knowledge of Greece together with personal attention, sensitive budgeting, flexibility, imagination & creativity makes Metropolitan DMC the core ingredient for the success of your event.

While the effects of the financial crisis are still felt, the entrepreneurial spirit of the people is re-inventing this 6000-year-old city & bringing a vibrant fresh feeling to it. The city’s cultural & artistic revolution includes the startling street art & murals, an explosion of quirky new tours, wine & cocktail bars, restaurants (including one rated in the top 25 of the world!) & art galleries & new-look museums that have mushroomed throughout the city. Trendy new designs are appearing in everything from architecture to jewelry and souvenirs in authentic design outlets with fabulous fresh products.

Metropolitan DMC keeps abreast of the newest trends to ensure your event enjoys the very best of what is available.

Let Metropolitan DMC introduce & welcome your event to the Athens of 2015:

• Unique Team building activities in the 3 km pedestrian zone around the historic centre, the largest in Europe!

• Alternative tours to taste test Greek artisanal foods, explore the street art or learn about the neighbourhood of the Greek philosophers

• Mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine, Greek & Fusion restaurants, after hours’ bars, dance clubs & the hidden gems that ‘only the locals know’

• Your meeting re-invented as a Greek symposium

Let Metropolitan DMC surprise, thrill & energise your next event

15th February 2016

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